Connect it Networks wireless solutions can significantly improve employee mobility, responsiveness and productivity.

Get connected with a scalable, resilient wireless network with a wide range of indoor and outdoor access points, that deliver a high quality wired-like user experience performance, predictability and support application-level visibility and control to help ensure business critical applications come first.

A Wireless Solution Delivering What Matters Most: a High-Quality User Experience

We have teamed up with AVAYA, Spectralink and TOSHIBA to offer feature-rich and cost-effective wireless LAN and DECT solutions.



At Spectralink, empowering mobile workers is our mission—with communications solutions that enable people to do their jobs better, to do them right.

As the creator and expert of in-building wireless communications, Spectralink devices are built for the modern enterprise. And as enterprise phones and applications evolve, their solutions must be smart enough to adapt. At Spectralink we introduce a better way to work. We call it WorkSmart.

Our highly trained and specialized solution experts have years of unrivaled experience. Their dedication to listening and understanding the needs of the customer is the foundation of our business. We use this expertise every day to build the right solutions for mobile workers. This, combined with leading technology, innovation and integration enables Spectralink to deliver superior voice quality and consistency, every time you power on.

Spectralink Voice Quality Optimization, VQO, is a patented, engineered system that delivers superior voice quality. The system is built of technology on the inside of each and every Spectralink device—and the knowledge and expertise of our partners and specialized system architects, on the outside.

Developed by highly trained, specialized Wi-Fi voice engineers, Spectralink VQO tightly links Spectralink’s ‘inside technology’ with the Wi-Fi infrastructure on the outside—through proprietary adaptive algorithms. It is the symbiotic relationship of the inside to the outside that ensures crystal clear, uninterrupted communications.

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Toshiba SoftIPT Softphone

Toshiba gives you the power to stay connected using wireless SoftIPT soft phone clients that run on your laptops or tablet PCs via your wireless local area network (WLAN). You can roam anywhere your WLAN goes and maintain voice and data functionality.

Wireless IP and SIP DECT Telephones

For wider-coverage mobility solutions, Toshiba offers a complete portfolio of wireless telephones for offices and mobile workers.



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