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Using Telecommunications to Build a Community Company Culture

Building a great company culture is not easy. A solid sense of community can help you hire and retain motivated employees. Good company culture can also boost productivity and drive growth. It’s no coincidence that some of the best places to work offer a great company culture. 

Almost everyone agrees that a sense of community is key to a successful business. Research by Deloitte shows that both executives (94%) and employees (88%) value it highly [1]. Building a distinct company culture takes time, effort, and patience. It’s not something that can be done in a day or even a year. 

Why Should You Foster a Sense of Community?

A positive community provides numerous benefits to any organization. Whether you talk about a residential area or a business organization, the community is important. 


Salary or paycheck is not the last word when it comes to recruitment. Great company culture is a distinctive perk for potential employees. If you have a good community within the company, it actually is a competitive advantage. If you’re looking for employees who will grow with the business and stay for the long-term, company culture is crucial. After all, who wants to work with a team they don’t get along with?


Company culture can also help you retain employees after you hired them. When your workers consider themselves a part of your growing community, they’re less likely to leave at the drop of a hat. A person will want to stay with you if they like coming to work every day! 

Collaboration and Performance

A positive culture encourages employees to come together as a team. They’re more likely to work with each other to achieve common goals. The community also has an impact on performance. Employees are more motivated and work better when they know that the company cares about their well-being.

Morale and Stress

Company culture contributes to employee morale. Employees enjoy their work more in a positive environment. They’re less likely to suffer from stress-related issues. This, in turn, boosts employee health which is invaluable for any company.

Using Communication to Build a Company Culture

One of the key ingredients to building a great company culture is communication. How can you build a community if you don’t talk to each other? Employees communicate all the time. They talk to their superiors and their colleagues. As a business, you have to make this as easy as possible for everyone.

Have the Right Systems in Place

How can you make communication easy for the business as a whole? The first step is to make sure you have a system in place. Think of all the ways that your employees communicate. They may use phones, video chat, text, and other methods. Give them the tools that make it easy to switch between different channels. 

To do this, you also need a vendor who focuses on the big picture. At Connect it Networks, we aim to enable communication for our clients. That means bringing you the latest technology, from telephony to Internet services, to build efficient systems. We do more than just supply services to our clients!

Building Positive Feedback Loops

Communication and company culture reinforce each other in the loop. Building a community requires effective communication. The more your employees communicate, the better the culture you can foster. It is a virtuous cycle that can bring you many benefits.

Consider companies A and B. At company A, employees talk to each other often. Their systems allow them to use any device they want. They can make calls without worrying about bills or reports. A person can switch between a video call and an audio-only conference call easily. At this business, people get work done. You can see how communication helps in building a positive company culture.

On the other hand, company B doesn’t have an effective communication system. It’s difficult for employees to contact others in different offices. Starting a video chat means booking a conference room first. Users worry about making international calls as they have to file expense reports. It’s hard to build a positive culture when communication is so difficult.

Using the Cloud

In the modern business world, cloud services are everywhere. It’s hard to find a business that doesn’t use the cloud anymore. Why is this important? It’s important because cloud solutions help productivity. They encourage collaboration. These services make it easy for people to share their work. Quite a few allow users to engage with colleagues through voice or text as well. 

As you can see, communication is an important part of building a positive culture. A strong company community makes for a successful business in more ways than one. By partnering with a vendor who shares your vision, you can use communication to your benefit. Unique company culture is one of the best ways to find and keep great talent.