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Top Reasons to Switch to an Integrated Telephony Experience

An integrated telephony solution is fast becoming essential to business organizations. The days of information silos and disparate systems are long gone. The future is all about collaboration, integration, and data sharing. 

Many businesses still continue working with legacy systems that cannot cater to the needs of modern organizations. What’s more, such systems are getting harder to source parts for and fix when they break down. If you are still wondering if an integrated telephony solution is the right choice for your business, keep reading. 

VoIP is the Future

The vast majority of businesses around the world have upgraded to VoIP phone systems. More specifically, cloud-hosted voice solutions are becoming more popular each year. VoIP systems are based on Internet protocols, so they are better able to integrate with other business systems. It’s extremely hard to build an integrated phone solution without VoIP at its center.

Here’s why you should consider VoIP and switch to an integrated telephony experience:

Cost Benefits

An integrated solution based on VoIP offers several cost savings over traditional business phone systems. First of all, VoIP uses your existing data network. That means you don’t have to maintain multiple networks and their corresponding infrastructure. Your voice calls will use the same Internet connection as email and documents. So that’s a significant saving right there.

 As VoIP does not need its own separate network, local and international calls are a fraction of the price you are probably paying today.  Internal calls – between your employees, even in different offices – are actually free! That’s yet another way VoIP cuts costs.

Finally, businesses don’t have to purchase expensive hardware or software licenses to make the integrated telephony solution work. Thanks to cloud-based VoIP services, the vendor will take care of infrastructure maintenance and upgrades. All of these add up to significant savings right from the start and add up over time.

Easy Setup & Maintenance

As you have already seen, there is not much maintenance involved in using VoIP. That’s because you don’t have any equipment of your own. But maintaining physical equipment is not the only requirement for any business system.  Even with software, you have to handle problems and fix bugs as they happen. But with hosted VoIP solutions, businesses do not have to worry about getting new features or squashing bugs. 

Connect it Networks (CIN) offers telephony solutions with a centralized user interface to manage your entire phone system. You can see all your phones, users, and features in one place. From this central dashboard, you add new lines, move resources around, and even remove them if you no longer need it. It doesn’t get better than this for a business that needs flexibility and agility to compete effectively.

Better Performance

Switching to an integrated telephony experience is one of the best things you could do to help employees increase their productivity. Even with the proliferation of digital tools and services, workers continue to face obstacles when it comes to collaboration.  Users waste valuable time switching between different applications or in trying to decide which is the best way to reach a colleague.

Simplifying and optimizing communication in a central place allows businesses to improve productivity. From the CEO on words to front desk workers, everyone benefits from an intuitive solution. Hosted VoIP systems offer high-quality audio, extensive features, and reliability to rival legacy phone providers. If you can help your employees work more effectively at the same time, it’s a win-win for all!


Scalability has always been a problem for organizations. In the past, businesses had to purchase phone lines even before you needed them. In other words, you had to commit to purchasing a set number of lines at a time. Most vendors would also lock clients into long-term contracts. 

These aspects made it hard for companies to optimize their phone systems. For instance, a single trunk can carry 23 voice channels. You could either buy 23 channels or multiples thereof. If you needed 30 lines, you had no option but to pay for 46 at once. Similarly, it was difficult for a company to switch to another vendor if they were dissatisfied with their current options. 

VoIP solutions are much more flexible and scalable. Business owners can rapidly deploy more lines when their growth demands it. If you need 30 lines, you can buy exactly 30 lines. You don’t have to wait for a technician to hook up the phones or the end of the month to add a new number. You can remove resources with the same ease and not pay for something you don’t use.

These are the top 4 reasons you should switch to an integrated telephony experience but there are more benefits waiting for organizations. Contact CIN today and find out how VoIP can transform your business!