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The Importance of Customer Service and the Rise of Call Centers

In today’s world, the lines between industries and markets are more blurred than ever. Your business is competing with thousands of others for customers and their attention. It’s not just direct competitors that you’ve to watch out for either. A restaurant is competing with grocery stores (homemade meals), online grocery delivery services, and meal prep services for customer wallets.

So how can you differentiate yourself from the competition? One way is to find what’s unique about your company and focus on enhancing that aspect. Another way is to provide a product or service more efficiently than everyone else. Discerning customers are choosing to look beyond price when it comes to spending their money.

Customer Service

Over the last decade, service offerings have become the focus of practically every organization. What makes a customer choose one service over another? That’s where customer service comes in. Like everyone else, customers need to feel valued. They like to know that your business is listening to their concerns. In many industries, customer service is the key differentiator between competitors. 

A key component of customer service is your call center. Even as more companies turn to non-traditional channels like social media to handle customer service, phone calls are the preferred method of customers to contact businesses. If you don’t have the systems or staff to provide good customer service, you will not be able to help customers. 

A single bad customer service experience is enough to lose a customer. Not only that but you have also lost the opportunity to convert potential customers. It is widely known that customers are more likely to talk about their bad experiences than good ones. It means that one or two bad experiences can cost you dozens of customers over time. 

CIN’s Cloud Call Centers

If you have been struggling with managing your call centers or you’re looking for ways to streamline the experience, look no further than Connect it Networks (CIN). CIN’s cloud call center offers all the features and benefits your company is looking for without the high price tag of doing everything yourself. 

What is it?

We deliver cloud call center systems to customers in partnership with industry leader Avaya. If you can think of a feature you need, our system will have it. From skills-based routing to multichannel functionality, CIN’s cloud call center offers it all. Why restrict your employees to a single device or channel when helping the customer? Use audio, video IM, and chat to enhance customer experience. 

Features of CIN Cloud

CIN cloud offers a wide range of features under different licenses. The three main ones are the Voice Agent, Multi-channel Agent, and Supervisor. 

Voice agent allows your front line employees to handle inbound and outbound calls to clients. To help them, there are features like caller ID routing, skills-based routing, agent live dashboard, and self-service IVR among others.

The multi-channel agent enables agents or supervisors to handle other channels like email and online. It includes features such as web chat, email, CRM integration, WebRTC, SMS, and browser-based desktops.

The final license is the supervisor. It allows reporting supervisors to manage agent activities from a central location. This offers a suite of reporting and analytical tools to help with everyday workflows. Features like agent monitoring, historical and real-time reports, coaching tools, and admin webpages are part of this suite.

Benefits of CIN Cloud Call Center


In a world of security breaches and data loss, it is no wonder that organizations are prioritizing the security of data. Customers are no longer content to hand over their personal information to organizations that will not protect them. CIN’s cloud call center stores all your data in robust data centers with fail-safe and backup technologies. With state of the art security tools and the latest cloud security technology, you won’t have to worry about losing sensitive data. With Connect it, you can keep your connections secure and ensure your online privacy.

Budget constraints and legacy systems

Organizations struggle with shrinking budgets and managing Legacy systems. What can you do when you cannot offer to upgrade? You can switch to the CIN cloud call center. Our suite offers a full-fledged experience at a fraction of the price. We are able to offer cost-effective solutions to clients by using cloud architecture, multi-tenanting, and investing in robust infrastructure. You don’t have to struggle with legacy systems and aging infrastructure while also competing with businesses around the world.

Responsive, Flexible, and Scalable

CIN’s cloud call center will grow with your business. Use the resources you need at any time and only pay for what you use. We are here to make additions, moves, and deletions painless and quick for clients. Respond to your clients instantly and transform their service experience with our cloud call center suite.