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How Your Communication Service Can Impact Employee Productivity

If you have gone through job postings recently, you will have noticed a common factor. Practically every job in any field will list good communication skills as a requirement. There is a reason for this near-universal demand. Effective communication has a positive impact on employee productivity. Without communication, businesses cannot even function let alone succeed.

Note that not all communication is positive. Negative communication also happens in the workplace. Whether it is gossip, the rumor mill, or even arguments in the office, all these can affect employee morale too [1]. 

You can boost productivity by setting up an effective communication system. The research speaks for itself. For instance, companies with a focus on connectivity can experience increased productivity among their employees (20% – 25%) [2]. So, let’s take a look at how your communication system can impact productivity.

Reduce the Possibility of Mistakes and Errors

Having an easy way to talk to colleagues means less room for mistakes. If you have a good system, information reaches the correct people at the right time. It means projects get completed on time and deadlines are met. It means fewer errors and no room for misunderstanding. 

Suppose you launch a new social media strategy. But your teams don’t have this information. So employees post things that are against the rules, making mistakes. Now you have to spend more time correcting the mistakes. How can your employees be productive when they don’t have the right information?

Build a Great Company Culture

Communication is one of the building blocks of good company culture. Every business wants to build a community where everyone is respected. You want to foster good ideas and help employees reach their full potential. None of this can happen without communication.

A positive community contributes to productivity and morale. Employees are less likely to be stressed. Happy and healthy workers are motivated to give their best. It’s no coincidence that the best places to work are also the most successful.

Shared Goals and a Clear Sense of Direction

Every business has short-term and long-term goals. Do all your employees know about them? With good communication, everyone knows the current position of the company. They know where the company needs to be and work towards getting it there. Naturally, productivity will be higher in an organization where everyone has a clear sense of direction.

Consider two departments in the same company – IT and accounts. The IT team is trying to buy new computers and software. Their goal is to help the employees get their work done. On the other hand, the accounts department is only concerned about costs. Their goal is to reduce expenses. This means that the two departments are constantly at odds.

With effective communication, you can ensure that all departments share common goals. This will reduce arguments and boost productivity.

Ensure Effective Communication within the Office

There is a direct relationship between connectivity and productivity. To put it simply, better connectivity improves productivity. That means you have to make it easy and simple for employees to work together. In the end, it often comes down to providing better communication services.

It means having enough phone lines for all employees. Not just that but there should be no congestion on the network. Conversations should be clear and audible. Sometimes that means upgrading your existing phone lines. You might have to get a faster Internet connection with more bandwidth. Better infrastructure means a more productive workforce.

Phone Lines

That is why Connect it Networks offers business lines with high network availability. You never have to worry about dropped or incomplete calls. Your employees will have fast access to all the resources they need when they need it.

High-Speed Internet

High-speed Internet is a necessity in 2019. But make no mistake, it’s not just about the speed. What’s the use of having fast Internet if the connection itself is down? Connect it Networks provides fast Fiber Internet connections which are also reliable. If someone wants to send a large file, they don’t have to worry about whether it will get there!

Cloud Solutions

Whether you’re a consumer or business user, cloud services are everywhere. Employees love them as they can communicate from anywhere using any device. Make calls from your laptop. Get work done from a smartphone. Conduct meetings with a tablet. Finish business on the go with mobile devices and solutions. Real-time collaboration is the name of the game and cloud solutions are the best way to get there.

As you can see, the above three components are crucial for any communication service. Phone calls are still the most popular way of communication. In an increasingly digital world, high-speed Internet and cloud solutions are crucial as well. Invest in an effective communication system and reap the benefits for your business!