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How the Cloud Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

Every business relies on a collection of tools to achieve business goals. Paper, phones, and computers are just some of the tools you use every day to get things done. Business technology is another crucial tool for companies. Leveraging technology is more than simply purchasing the latest and greatest. You need the right tool for the job, one that aligns well with your business goals.

The latest buzzword in enterprise technology is the cloud. You can’t miss it, it’s everywhere. Think of any application or software that you’ve used for years or even decades. Chances are there is a cloud version of it available now. Why are organizations switching to cloud services? How can it help you achieve your business goals?

Let’s look at the first question. More businesses are switching to the cloud as it offers clear benefits. In some areas, you may not even have a choice. For example, even a small business has to deal with larger volumes of data every day. It is expensive and time-consuming to store and manage all this on your own. In this case, storing your data in the cloud – cheaper and easier – is an obvious solution.

The cloud can help you achieve your business goals in several ways.

Improve Productivity

After moving to the cloud, you should immediately see an improvement in productivity. It is an immediate and visible benefit of the cloud. Suppose a business has started storing shared documents in the cloud. Before the transition, employees couldn’t access files from their homes or anywhere outside the office. Thanks to the cloud, they can now view and edit documents from any device. 

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a growing phenomenon within the enterprise. About 72% of organizations have a BYOD policy or plan to do so [1]. The BYOD trend pairs well with cloud solutions. Employees can use any cloud service from their personal devices. They don’t have to carry two devices anymore. The cloud can improve productivity and help you reach your goals faster.

Unified Communication

The cloud can help you unify multiple communication channels. Gone are the days when phone calls were separate from email or instant messaging. With VoIP and cloud platforms, you can consolidate everything in one place. And it’s not just voice calling and text. Set up scheduled team sessions with audio and videoconferencing. Call for ad-hoc meetings as and when you need them. Improve engagement and collaboration between team members and departments. 

Unified communication also means fewer missed connections and errors. Cloud services let you set presence status – available, away, in a meeting, etc. This means employees won’t interrupt each other when they are busy with important work.

Use Resources Efficiently

A crucial benefit of the cloud is the ability to use your resources more efficiently. When a provider delivers software features over the cloud, you don’t need powerful machines in the office. You can use your existing resources – phones and computers – for longer. You don’t have to upgrade as often. Your business saves both cost and time. 

Another aspect of the cloud is that it allows you to access resources from anywhere. Your employees are no longer limited to working while in the office. They can work while traveling or when at their home. You can solve business problems whenever and wherever they crop up!

Boost Profitability

How can the cloud help you boost profitability? Reducing operational and IT costs is the biggest driver of cloud usage. Generally speaking, new technology/products should cost more than older ones. But cloud solutions don’t work that way. Moving to the cloud will reduce your costs in more ways than one.

With cloud services, you no longer have to purchase hardware periodically. You don’t have to pay for software licenses every time a new version comes out. The vendor delivers upgrades and new features as part of the monthly fee. You don’t need personnel to manage on-site servers and infrastructure.

Streamline Processes and Workflows

Cloud solutions help your business to streamline processes and daily workflows. Consider the data storage situation we talked about earlier. Sharing a document with team members in a traditional set up would involve email chains or portable storage devices. It’s very easy for some members to work on outdated versions of documents while others are working on newer versions. 

With cloud storage, it’s no longer the case. Sharing is as simple as getting and sending a link to the file. Everyone has access to the latest version. They can also see the history of edits and changes. You get accountability, version control, and better collaboration.

These are just a few ways the cloud can help you achieve your business goals. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the cloud and watch your business prosper!