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Connect it CLOUD on AVAYA

Solutions in the cloud. UCaaS.

Meet the most complete, transformative cloud based communication system.


Connect it Cloud on Avaya is the only communications platform and service provider who can transform your business internally.


Now, you can go beyond infrastructure hosting services and use the cloud to streamline the way you collaborate & engage resources.


We’ve taken the same capabilities that made Avaya a leader in engagement solutions hosted on your premises, and hosted them in the Connect it Cloud.

Everything you need to:

Connect · Transact · Compete

  • Unify your communications and deliver improved customer and team engagements.
  • Better utilize all your resources, including a full set of services from managing it all.
  • Deploy the tools your employees need. Anytime on any device.
  • Engage the resources that matter to your business anywhere in the world.
  • Build stronger teams.
  • Better collaboration.
  • Enable the messaging you display to your customers to be consistent, seamless across all devices.

Connect it Cloud is delivering a new generation of collaboration and engagement capabilities that:

  • increase productivity
  • improve customer experience
  • support you in boosting profitability

Connect it Cloud on Avaya Features

Fixed Telephone

Remote Worker (IP Stations)

Basic Telephony Features

(make and receive calls, hold, transfer, call logs, voicemail to email, park, page, conference, twinning, intercept user, hot desking)

User web administration pageto manage individual extension

Call Recording on Demand

Scheduled Audio Conferencing

Ad-hoc Meet-Me Conferencing

Advanced Telephony Features

(point to point video calling, instant messaging & presence)


(Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, WebRTC)

Web Collaboration

Desktop Application Integration

(Skype for Business, Outlook)

Web Application Integration

(O365, SalesForce, Google, web-page)

Rich Desktop / Mobile / Tablet UC

Avaya Spaces

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