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Cloud-Based Telecom Solutions Explained

Phone systems play a crucial role in any business, like IT and HR. It doesn’t really matter what industry you work in or the size of your business. You need some form of a voice communication system. In the past, this meant landlines.

But for today’s organizations, cloud telephony or hosted VoIP is the way to go. If you are unsure of the technology, consider the following. Most major telecom carriers are ending support for the PSTN in the near future. Pretty soon you won’t have an alternative to VoIP at all. But that’s not the only reason to switch.

Research shows that hosted VoIP is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.8% until 2024 [1]. Analysts estimate that the number of mobile VoIP users has already crossed 1 billion [1]. Businesses that upgrade to VoIP can cut down on their phone bills by 50% or more. If you are starting a new business, you can reduce startup costs by using VoIP from the outset. 

What Is Cloud-based Telephony?

We can see that hosted VoIP – another term for cloud-based telephony – is here to stay. But what exactly is it and how can it benefit your business?

VoIP technology uses Internet services to deliver voice calls. That means you don’t need a separate network (the PSTN) to make and receive calls. VoIP converts audio signals into data packets. These data packets then travel over the Internet along with other types of data. They’re converted back into voice they reach their destination.

Hosted VoIP offers many benefits for enterprise clients. Most of these benefits share a common cause i.e. they are possible because VoIP uses the Internet.

  • Since VoIP calls travel over data networks, intra-office calls are free. International calls are very inexpensive compared to traditional landlines for the same reason.
  • VoIP brings old technologies like voicemail and faxing into the digital realm. You no longer need different devices for each communication function.
  • VoIP services are delivered online, so you don’t have to purchase equipment or worry about maintenance.
  • With automatic failover options, your people can reach customers even during an emergency. Don’t let a natural or man-made disasters stop you from working.

The Benefits of Using Hosted VoIP

Some business owners hesitate to switch to hosted VoIP as they fear losing control over their communication system. But the truth of the matter is that hosted VoIP services are flexible and customizable. You can tailor the service plans and features according to your business requirements. Hosted VoIP is a cloud solution which means it brings you all the benefits of cloud computing. You don’t have to worry about setting up and maintaining the phones. Cloud telephony can help you streamline collaboration and increase productivity within the enterprise.

Go beyond Cutting Costs

There is more to VoIP than simply reducing your monthly phone bills. Although that is the single biggest reason for businesses to switch, the technology can help you do so much more. You can streamline business processes and consolidate communication channels. Your employees don’t have to juggle several devices at once. Users can make calls, send messages, receive voicemail, and even fax from their computer!

Hosted VoIP is secure and scalable, so the service can adapt and grow right alongside your business. You don’t have to purchase a minimum number of lines or resources to begin with. For example, a small company with five employees can start with just 2 or 3 numbers. As your business grows, you can add lines and features along the way. If you don’t need a particular resource, you can remove it and stop paying for it immediately.

Cloud Solutions by CIN

A lot of people think that VoIP is just like landlines, except it is cheaper. The reality is very different. The Connect it Cloud offers more than basic telephone services. Our suite comes with audio and video conferencing facilities. So you can reduce travel expenses and wasted time with virtual meetings. There is no quicker way to improve productivity!

Allow your employees to work remotely or provide flexible work schedules to those who need them. Hire the best people for any role, since your phone system can connect people across the world. Give your employees the power to manage and customize their extension according to their own needs. 

With the Connect it Cloud, users don’t need a phone to talk. Answer calls from anywhere – on your phone, tablet, desktop, or even laptop with VoIP. With softphone apps, you can use your work number to reach customers even on the road! Integrate different types of communication channels into a single suite. 

Try our services today for yourself. Free your workers from the tyranny of wires, desks, and devices. See what a truly innovative and modern communication system can do for your business!