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Business Voice Solutions

We work with established and trusted technologies to meet all of your connectivity needs and ensure maximum system availability:

  • Worry-free guarantee
  • 99.999% network availability
  • Fast and efficient access to all your mission critical telecommunications resources whenever you need them. No surprises.

Demand superior connectivity.

Connectivity is the backbone of your business. We provide you with the building blocks and infrastructure needed to deliver dynamic solutions.

Switching to Connect it Networks is simple

We’ll contact yourcurrent service supplier

You get to keepyour current number

We fully manage the processfor a smooth transition

Digital Business lines

Satisfying your basic communications needs without sacrificing quality and features.

  • Traditional voice quality calls
  • Call display (name, number), included
  • Line hunting
  • No installation fee (conditions may apply)

Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

PRI, a simple and flexible solution that allows you to take advantage of traditional business lines to integrate your voice, data and video communications needs into a single, multi-channel line.

Increase productivity without having to incur the additional expense managing separate analog trunks.

  • Crystal-clear digital voice calls
  • Unlimited direct numbers
  • Call display (name, number)
  • Extended overflow
  • 4hr SLA (service level agreement)
  • No installation fee (conditions may apply)

SIP Channels

The secure, efficient and cost-effective method of providing voice over the Internet.

Scale your solution to fit changing business needs quickly and with little manpower.

Lower your overall communications expenses by eliminating the need for PRI or PSTN gateways.

  • Lower service costs
  • Easing infrastructure maintenance and administration
  • Greater application possibilities
  • North American local number enablement
  • Free long distance package options

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