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Benefits of an Integrated Telecommunications Solution

More companies are using integrated telecom solutions than ever before. The keyword here is convergence with terms like triple play becoming common. Service providers are optimizing their offerings to fulfill several business needs at once. But what exactly is an integrated telecom solution? How do you know if it is right for your business?

What Is an Integrated Telecom Solution?

To be honest, the term integrated telecom solution does not refer to any single technology, product, or service. Rather it is a business term that refers to a bundle of different but related services provided by a single vendor. There is no strict definition that you can use to compare services from multiple companies.

What that means is you should look carefully into different service offerings. Vendor A might offer phone and cloud services as part of its integrated solution. On the other hand, vendor B may combine wired and wireless telephone services and call it integration.

For the most part though, an integrated telecom solution should cover all your communication needs at a minimum. If you are looking at one provider that offers phone services, voice and video calling, conferencing, mobile and fixed telephony in a single package, it’s an integrated solution.

Benefits of Using Integrated Solutions

Think about what an integrated solution means for your business. The first thing that comes to mind is a single vendor is responsible for all your communication services. You have a single point of contact for everything from troubleshooting to billing. 

When – not if – something goes wrong, you have one number to call. You don’t have to try and isolate the problem before identifying which provider should handle it. It also means the vendor cannot pass the blame to someone else. 

Using a single provider translates to better customer and tech support for your business. When you contact the vendor, their agents already know who is calling. You don’t have to wait on hold. No more bouncing around different departments to solve a single problem. It means the vendor knows your internal systems very well. This knowledge will help them diagnose and solve problems as quickly as possible.

From an enterprise perspective, using a single vendor means cost savings and less administrative overhead. Your vendor may offer add-ons for free or discounted prices for service bundles. You also don’t have to deal with multiple bills each month from different providers, each with their billing dates and payment processes.

Integrated Solutions from Connect it Networks

Connect it Networks (CIN) is one of the leading providers of integrated telecom solutions. Our service offerings include both wired and wireless telephony. But we provide so much more than just phone services. Businesses can get everything from cloud solutions to internet services from CIN.

When you choose an integrated solution from CIN, you don’t have to worry about compatibility between different hardware and software. No more excuses from a vendor that their boxes don’t talk to other boxes from someone else! Make voice calls and conduct conferences through your web browser. Your VoIP phones will work with your newest servers. 

With a single provider for all your telephony and Internet needs, you can stop worrying about bottlenecks, insufficient bandwidth, and other network problems. CIN is not just another vendor, we partner with your business to meet and exceed your expectations.

Does Your Business Need Integrated Telecom Solutions?

The answer to the above question depends on your business needs. Some organizations are ready for integrated solutions while others do not need them. For example, a small startup with 3 people may not really need more than a hosted VoIP service. But a small or medium business with offices in two locations and dozens of employees can certainly benefit from an integrated solution.

It’s also important to look beyond the immediate benefits of lower costs and maintenance of integrated solutions. Using such a solution has long-term advantages as well. Organizations that opt for integrated telecom solutions often see a rise in employee productivity and process efficiency. Give your workers the tools they need to succeed without worrying about the technology behind it.

Using an integrated solution allows you to focus on your business, rather than essential services. You don’t have to worry whether the phones will work through an emergency. Your employees stay connected to each other and with clients even if they’re not in the office. Your sales team will not miss out on valuable opportunities because they were traveling.

As your business grows, the benefits of using an integrated solution become clearer. You can continue using the same service you are familiar with even as your organization changes. Imagine what you can accomplish when you have a partner you can rely on. Contact CIN today and find out yourself!