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Adapting to Evolving Business Needs

Service providers have to adapt their offerings to meet the needs of the market. Nowhere is this more relevant than in the business of voice communication. Business organizations have evolved quite a bit in the last few decades. A provider that has not changed their service offering from ten years ago is not likely to survive for much longer. 

As technology and the business landscape continues to change, telecom services have to keep up.

The Evolution of Enterprise Communication

It is safe to say that business communication has changed in the 21st century. That’s because the way businesses work has evolved. Companies are no longer constrained by geographic location. A business may now have suppliers and customers in markets across the globe. In fact, there are project teams whose members never meet in person, yet work well together!

Technology has changed businesses as well. Gone are the days when employees only had desktop computers at work. Today’s users juggle multiple devices – from smartphones and tablets to laptops. In 2019, everyone expects services to work for them regardless of where they are or which device they happen to be using at the time.

What Do Businesses Expect from VoIP?

How do these changes affect business communication? It means businesses need – and expect – more from their phone system. Business owners expect reliability and 100% system availability from the phones. Imagine the consequences if the phones stopped working for an hour, let alone the entire day? 

Companies also expect that their communication system will help collaboration within the office. No matter where employees, suppliers, or customers are, the system should work for them. 

The phones should enhance productivity, not hinder it. Employees should not think twice before picking up the phone. If they have to call someone, they should be able to do it without worrying about budgets, time or distance.

Finally, enterprises expect their communication system to be flexible. It has to adapt to their growing needs. They do not want systems that are rigid and unchanging. A service provider has to scale up or down according to their clients’ needs.

How Can Connect it Networks (CIN) Help?

Keep Your Phones Working 24×7

Phones are the lifeline of any business. It doesn’t matter what industry you operate in or the size of the company. From the solo entrepreneur to the multinational corporation, every business relies on its phones. With business voice solutions from CIN, rest assured your phones will work at all times. 

Normal workday with regular traffic? Not a problem. Peak demand with excessive traffic from across the globe? Our robust solutions will keep working for your company. Experiencing an emergency or natural disaster in the office? Your customers can still reach you! CIN uses redundant infrastructure so your business can keep working for customers.

Rely on the Cloud

How do we ensure reliability? By using the cloud to your advantage. Cloud based solutions like our voice services let you work from anywhere. At any time. With any device you care to use. 

Today’s workers travel more than ever before. Some may work from home. Other telecommute on certain days of the week. Yet others alternate between coming to the office and going to client sites. No matter where you are, you are still connected. 

Use your resources efficiently and help employee productivity with cloud VoIP services from CIN.

Improve Collaboration

Where would your business be if your workers couldn’t collaborate on projects? With increasing specialization, team members have to work together to achieve project goals. Our phone solutions do more than just phone calls. With integration between different tools and systems, employees can use whatever medium suits their requirements. 

Switch between instant messaging to a voice call. Convert a group video call into an impromptu presentation. Add new members to an existing conference call. You can do all this and more with CIN business services. Best of all? No one has to worry about going over budget or filing expense reports. Streamline meetings and projects with our integrated VoIP services.

Benefit from Flexibility

There was a time when you are forced to buy whatever services a carrier offered. Of course, you could customize certain options. But mostly, there wasn’t much difference between phone services from one vendor to another. Those days are gone.

At CIN, we recognize every business is unique. That means your needs and requirements are different from everyone else’s. That is why our services are flexible, scalable and tailored to your business. You buy only what you need and pay according to usage. There’s no fixed commitment, no annual contracts or even minimum purchases.

We know you rely on your phones and expect them to work for you every day. That’s why we deliver integrated business solutions to meet your needs today and in the future.