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Connect it Networks: A Leader in Business Connectivity

In today’s business landscape, partnerships are essential. By working with strategic leaders in the industry, we can find new ways to add value, build knowledge, create better products, and remain competitive.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Connect it Networks is now a member of the Quebec Technology Association (AQT). This membership connects us with hundreds of other leaders in business, which will allow us to improve for years to come. 

What Is AQT?

The Quebec Technology Association is an outstanding network for business technology companies. With a long list of notable members, AQT provides executives and leaders with a stimulating, world-class environment that breeds growth for individual businesses and the tech industry.

The association encourages expansion with a number of annual meetings, events, activities, briefs, and competitions. Of course, the results that members enjoy are due to the huge community we get through the membership. There are over 500 member companies and 1600 business leaders to connect with, allowing members to truly connect and strategize with the best of the best.

Connect it Networks: A Leader in Business Connectivity

Connect it Networks has created a strong name in business connectivity with over 20 years in business. Our business is about much more than just providing telecom solutions. We focus on anticipating and meeting the unique needs of each of our clients. We accomplish this thanks to our engineer-driven approach, which allows us to offer customizable, scalable communication solutions. Our clients get a seamless user experience and impeccable service.

Connect it Networks, as a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP), is fully committed to providing its esteemed customers with the highest level of security and reliability. Our robust Fiber Internet solutions are designed to meet the operational needs of your business seamlessly. In addition, we offer best-in-class solutions for SIP Trunks and Wifi, ensuring that our customers receive top-quality services across Canada at affordable rates.

A Perfect Partnership

By becoming a member of the Quebec Technology Association, we get to unite with other businesses that share our values. We’ll meet regularly with dynamic, curious, supportive, and successful leaders to refine our knowledge, improve our product offering, and provide the highest level of service to our customers. As the tech world constantly changes, we’re prepared to adapt and remain competitive. 

Although Connect it Networks has been in business for decades, we’re just getting started! Our membership with AQT will allow us to grow in new ways and serve our clients with fresh solutions. By connecting with other business technology leaders, we can accomplish our mission: connecting our clients with innovative solutions.