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2019, A Year in Review

As the year comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on some of Connect it Networks’ tech insights over the course of the last year.

From an overview of cloud services, to using telecom to better your business, and finally some tips on running a successful business… Connect it has you covered with all the practical information you need.

Cloud-Based Telecom Solutions

How the Cloud Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

Every business relies on a collection of tools to achieve business goals. Paper, phones, and computers are just some of the tools you use every day to get things done. Business technology is another crucial tool for companies. Leveraging technology is more than simply purchasing the latest and greatest.

Cloud-Based Telecom Solutions Explained

Phone systems play a crucial role in any business, like IT and HR. It doesn’t really matter what industry you work in or the size of your business. You need some form of a voice communication system. In the past, this meant landlines.

Using Telecom to Build a Better Business

Benefits of an Integrated Telecommunications Solution

More companies are using integrated telecom solutions than ever before. The keyword here is convergence with terms like triple play becoming common. Service providers are optimizing their offerings to fulfill several business needs at once. But what exactly is an integrated telecom solution?

Using Telecommunications to Build a Community Company Culture

Building a great company culture is not easy. A solid sense of community can help you hire and retain motivated employees. Good company culture can also boost productivity and drive growth. It’s no coincidence that some of the best places to work offer a great company culture.

How Your Communication Service Can Impact Employee Productivity

If you have gone through job postings recently, you will have noticed a common factor. Practically every job in any field will list good communication skills as a requirement. There is a reason for this near-universal demand. Effective communication has a positive impact on employee productivity.

Tips to Grow your Business and Succeed

Managing a Service Provider Switch

In the year 2019, it’s no longer a secret that VoIP can help businesses save money. The latest numbers show that small businesses can cut their bills by 50%-75%, thanks to VoIP. The cost savings don’t even take into account the additional benefits such as increased productivity and effective collaboration!

Top 3 Tech Tips to Grow Your Small Business

The widespread use of technology has changed the way we work, play, and everything else in our lives. But it’s not just consumer habits that changed. Businesses today use more technology services than ever before. It has reached the point where technology can make or break a business.

Adapting to Evolving Business Needs

Service providers have to adapt their offerings to meet the needs of the market. Nowhere is this more relevant than in the business of voice communication. Business organizations have evolved quite a bit in the last few decades. A provider that has not changed their service offering from ten years ago is not likely to survive for much longer.