Connect it Networks offers a full range of reliable and cost-effective connectivity solutions for businesses of all sizes. As a wholesaler of lines and high-speed Internet access, we make use of established and trusted technologies to meet all of your connectivity needs and ensure maximum system availability: Business lines, long distance, Primary Rate Interface (PRI), high-speed and fibre optic Internet access, and much more.

Our worry-free guarantee and 99.999% network availability ensures fast and efficient access to all your mission critical telecommunications resources whenever you need them – no surprises.

Switching to Connect it Networks is as simple as this:

  • We’ll contact your current service supplier
  • Keep your current number
  • Use your existing equipment
Analog Business lines

Connect it Networks’ inexpensive business line solutions help fulfil your basic communications needs without sacrificing quality and features.

• Traditional voice quality calls
• Reliable service with 99.999% network availability
• Included features such as call display (name, number)
• Line hunting
• No installation fee

Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

PRI allows you to take advantage of traditional business lines to integrate your voice, data and video communications needs into a single, multi-channel line. This makes PRI a simple and flexible solution for increasing productivity without having to incur the additional expense of managing separate analog trunks.

• Crystal-clear digital voice calls
• Unlimited direct numbers
• Call display (name, number)
• Extended overflow
• 4hr SLA (service level agreement)
• No installation fee

SIP trunking

SIP trunking is an efficient and cost-effective method of providing voice over the Internet. SIP trunking can help lower your overall communications expenses since it eliminates the need for PRI or PSTN gateways. This also allows you to scale your solution to fit changing business needs quickly and with little manpower.

• Lower service costs
• Easing infrastructure maintenance and administration
• Greater application possibilities
• Ability to handle rich media content

Business long distance

Connect it Networks’ flexible long distance plans and reliable service allow you to stay in touch with colleagues, suppliers and clients no matter where they are in the world. Now you can concentrate on the call, not the cost of the call.

• Detailed monthly reports
• Competitive rates
• Worry-free cost savings


More callers means more prospects! Improve customer service, open up international business opportunities and increase your company’s image with a toll-free number. Listing a toll-free number on your marketing collateral – website, business cards, brochures – can also go a long way toward promoting your brand.

• Redirect toll-free calls to any local number.
• Vanity numbers, for example, 1-800-COMPANY
• Detailed monthly reports

Contact one of our advisors at 1.844.901.1110 | 450.901.1111 or contact us online.





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